Karsten Nielsen starts working on his PhD dissertation in "Audio Power Amplifiers Techniques Based on Efficient Power Conversion" as part of a collaboration project between Bang & Olufsen and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Even before Karsten Nielsen’s dissertation is finalized, B&O applies his findings to the new speaker system BeoLab 1, which proved the excellent performance and reliability of the improved Class D amplifiers.


Karsten Nielsen’s PhD project is defended before two absolute gurus of the audio world: Professor Malcolm Hawksford and Dr. James A.S. Angus of the United Kingdom.

Having earned his PhD degree, Dr. Nielsen is hired by B&O to coordinate integration of the improved Class D amplifiers into B&O products.


A much broader application field is projected for the improved Class D amplifiers and B&O spins off the amplifier division into a separate firm, originally called Bang & Olufsen PowerHouse. The firm is co-owned by Dr. Nielsen and Bang & Olufsen. This is the first time since the times of Mr. Bang & Mr. Olufsen that B&O enters into a joint venture with a private person. B&O contributes with organisation, brand and resources, and Dr. Nielsen - with patents and know-how.

The new product concept is a fully integrated amplifier component directly mountable on a circuit board. The dramatic levels on 250W, 500W and 1000W are selected for the first products to generate maximum industry attention. The industrial design is fine-tuned together with B&O’s head designer David Lewis.


The firm grows from 1 to 8 persons and moves to Kgs. Lyngby, just outside of Copenhagen and only 1.5 km away from the Technical University of Denmark. This geographical proximity allows to intensify research collaboration and facilitates recruitment of suitable engineers.

The start-up firm is driven by a simple strategy: technological leadership within audio power conversion – from a power source to an acoustic output. The firm is organized as an R&D lab where research is carried out in close collaboration with the DTU and the results are integrated into audio power conversion solutions, which can be Standard or Customized.

An additional Partner Business Unit is established with the objective of entering the markets with high product complexity, such as mobile phones and automotive audio, where close collaboration for new product development with partners from the industry is required.


Bang & Olufsen PowerHouse is renamed into Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

Kristian Ougaard joins the company as the Director of R&D.

ICEpower’s first standard series of products, the A Series, is launched.

ICEpower partners up with Sanyo Semiconductor - the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality audio amplifier chips, a.k.a. hybrid amplifiers, which are used in consumer electronics products. ICEpower technology platform is designed to expand the integration of Sanyo products into a wider array of audio products.


Partnership with Samsung Telecommunications is initiated for the development of a dedicated amplifier platform for mobile phones.

ICEpower ASP Series is launched.


ICEpower defines its four focus markets: Speaker Engines (consumer and professional speakers, stand-alone amplifiers, music systems, etc.), Home Theatre, Automotive Audio and Portable Audio.

Within the Speaker Engine division, the ASC Series of solutions is launched.

Within the Automotive Audio division, the ICEcar1 platform is developed to be applied in B&O audio system for Audi cars, as well as in the after-market audio systems of Pioneer, Alpine and Fujitsu Ten.

Peter Sommer joins ICEpower as the President & CEO.

MobileSound1 platform is developed as part of the Samsung-ICEpower collaboration. ICEpower amplifiers now drive 40 percent of all Samsung phone models worldwide.

Partnership with Toshiba Semiconductor is initiated for the collaborative development of the ICEcar2 platform, which is to be marketed to the leading international automotive manufacturers.


The ASX2 Series of audio power conversion solutions is launched.

The first Home Theatre solution, the 150ASH7 is launched, and the 100ASH7 is in development.

The MobileSound 2 platform is in development.


Bang & Olufsen purchases 100 percent shares in ICEpower.

New management team is in place: Peter Sommer – CEO Kristian Ougaard – CTO Tomas Schiønning – Director of Operations

Collaboration with Samsung Telecommunications is extended for a new series of music mobile phones.

ICEpower ASX2 Series is finalized with the 250ASX2 module released in December.

ICEpower launches the MobileSound3 (MS3) chip. This extremely compact solution is designed to radically improve the audio performance in compact and portable devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.

ICEpower establishes a partnership with Asus. ICEpower audio technology is implemented in several Asus products. Among Asus products with built-in ICEpower audio technology are Asus’ top range of lap tops which are co-branded with “Audio by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower”.


ICEpower expands the presence in USA by hiring Paul Meister and Shane Vetter to join ICEpower as US Sales Managers.


ICEpower expands its marketing department to intensify and optimize its communication and PR activities.

In June, Keld Lindegaard Andersen joins ICEpower as CEO. Former CEO Peter Sommer continues in the Bang & Olufsen Group in Tokyo as Regional Director of the APAC region. At the same time, ICEpower changes official company name from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower to ICEpower to emphasize the focus on building the ICEpower brand. The Bang & Olufsen ownership remains unchanged.

ICEpower launches ICEmatch, a highly flexible plug-and-play audio solution. ICEmatch consists of two separate amplifier and power supply modules: The ICEpower400SM state-of-the-art 400W audio power supply and the powerful ICEpower80AM2 amplifier. One 400SM can power from one up to eight 80AM2 amplifiers. Thereby, it offers endless design possibilities and is our most versatile audio solution yet.

Bang & Olufsen introduces a new high-end in-car sound system for the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. With 14 fully active loudspeakers and 1200 watts of musical power being also generated by patented ICEpower amplifier technology, the system creates a listening experience that mirrors that found in the world's finest concert halls.

ICEpower200ASC is updated to comply with EuP 2013 standards.

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At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, ICEpower launches ICEtheater7. ICEtheater7 is an integrated multichannel amplifier and power supply solution that utilizes ICE-power’s switching technologies. ICEtheater7 delivers 7 x 150W into 8Ω and incorporates our so far highest achievements in audio reproduction with DualLoop3 - ICEpower’s third generation class D topology. The ideal solution for home theater systems.

In September, AMX® introduces its new 16 channel Alero™ Power Amplifier (ALR-AMP-8) at CEDIA EXPO 2013. The Alero™ Power Amplifier is based on the ICEpower ICEmatch amplifier solution, a highly scalable solution with endless design possibilities that easily enables you to develop audio products with 1 to 16 channels in a 1RU enclosure.


In the beginning of 2014, ICEpower presents one of the company’s most extensive product introductions yet. At CES 2014, we unveil four new amplifiers with more features and more power than ever. The 300ASC, 300AC and 700ASC are audiophile additions to the acclaimed ASC Series. Power ratings range from 300-700 watt. Functions include universal mains, ErP compliant standby functionality and signal sense. At the same time, 700ASX is introduced to the market – 700 watt raw power with an incredibly competitive price tag.

In February, Aston Martin launches V8 Vantage N430 with Bang & Olufsen audio system and ICEpower technology.