ICEpower a/s was founded by Dr. Karsten Nielsen in a joint venture with Bang & Olufsen in 1999 based on the results of Dr. Nielsen’s PhD work at the Technical University of Denmark.

ICEpower today is a fast growing, scientifically based innovation house specializing in audio power conversion solutions. Over 80 percent of our 50 employees are directly involved in R&D. Based on our innovative technologies, represented in our strong IPR portfolio, we develop dedicated solutions for driving consumer and professional speakers, automotive audio, mobile/portable devices and home theatre systems.  

The core brand promise of ICEpower is to deliver the industry’s best audio performance, efficiency and power density in audio power conversion. After more than 13 years of scientific research, ICEpower has been able to achieve significant leaps in audio power conversion technology.

Our “vision impossible” is to achieve 100 percent energy efficiency throughout the complete audio power conversion path, from the AC plug or battery to an acoustic output. This pursuit of perfection brings radical new value to audio reproduction.

We closely cooperate with the leading Danish and European technical universities and incorporate scientific findings from the academic projects into our revolutionary solutions. Out of the students, come some of the best European engineers in switching audio power electronics, electro acoustics and digital signal processing, whom we are proud to employ.

Over eight years of our history, ICEpower has grown from being a technology startup serving high-end niche markets, to the developer of premium quality audio power conversion engines for both niche and volume industries.

Since ICEpower’s establishment, we have shipped more than 100 million ICEpower channels to over 70 customers all over the world. Our revenues and profits have shown steady growth enabling us to undertake ambitious R&D projects. ICEpower customers and partners include some of the world’s most prestigious brands, such as Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Pioneer, Alpine, Samsung and Audi.