An ICEpower sound solution powers TouchDiva – a revolutionary device in music access and reproduction
January 12, 2009

TouchDiva, created by the Danish company TouchDiva Europe A/S, is a new revolutionary concept of music access and reproduction. This product is a forerunner of a new generation of innovative multimedia devices that is expected to enter international markets and our homes in the nearest future, with various multimedia technologies being merged into new types of devices, completely different from the customary home music center assemblies.

TouchDiva is a compact multimedia device, which besides having an über-modern design, allows accessing music in a completely new way – TouchDiva offers to stream music, rather than downloading it to one’s computer and then playing it. For a set monthly fee of 10 Euros (75 Danish Kroner), TouchDiva offers unlimited access to all the digital music provided by four of the world’s largest recording companies - EMI, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner, as well as access to digital radio stations.

“Music as a service” is the business concept behind TouchDiva: each song is not considered as a product, rather access to a stream of music is presented as a service. According to the company’s founders, TouchDiva’s main customer group are expected to be people of 30+ years of age who hold demanding jobs and have young children. They do not have much of spare time and appreciate ease of access to music, without having to turn on a computer, looking for music and downloading it first.

TouchDiva is powered by a built-in ICEpower125ASX2 sound solution, which efficiently delivers the power output of 2x125W and allows for non-active speakers to be connected to TouchDiva. One of differentiating characteristics of TouchDiva is its elegance – it is a modern-looking and compact device, compared to the traditional assemblies of home music stations. In spite of its size, TouchDiva delivers high-quality, powerful music reproduction, and this is exactly where ICEpower’s contribution lies. With ICEpower’s proprietary technologies in switching audio, ICEpower solutions are able to deliver excellent sound reproduction accompanied by high power efficiency and density – ICEpower’s compact solution was one of the factors that allowed for TouchDiva’s compact design. Besides, ICEpower technologies contribute to the responsible use of energy by enabling high efficiency in ICEpower solutions.

Peter Sommer, CEO of Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, comments: “TouchDiva is a pioneer in the type of products with merged multimedia technologies and new ways of enjoying multimedia, which we are expecting to start appearing worldwide in the nearest future. As a fellow Danish company, we are pleased that TouchDiva was born in Denmark, and are certainly happy to have been able to provide our sound solutions to contribute to this exciting development.”


The whole interface of TouchDiva is a large touch screen, containing user-friendly controls. At this point, about 2 million musical pieces can be accessed through TouchDiva, and the stock is growing by the day as new records are being released. TouchDiva has a built-in intelligence unit, which monitors the owners’ listening habits and builds up knowledge about their music tastes and listening patterns. Based on the collected information, TouchDiva has the capacity to deliver a variety of services, such as composing playlists, delivering search results in particular ways, and suggesting songs and artists which may be of interest to the owner. TouchDiva can also provide a number of additional services, such as sale of concert tickets and delivering information from various concert venues.


Behind TouchDiva’s development are the Danish entrepreneur Thomas Chr. Melskens, the founder of CD Factory, and the major investor into TouchDiva; and Bo Løje Haaber, who left a senior position at IBM after 18 years with the company to join TouchDiva Europe A/S as the CEO. The development of TouchDiva has taken 3 full years and 18 million Danish Kroner (2,4 million Euros). In December 2008, TouchDiva was launched in Denmark, and the ambition is to offer the product internationally from 2009. The product’s price is 5995 Danish Kroner (805 Euros), and the projected sales for the first year are 13`000 units.

Technical specifications

Screen: 15.4 inches

Dimensions: 16.1(H) x 12.2(B) x 2.8(D) inches

Weight: 15.4 pounds

Amplifier: 2 x 125 watts B&O ICEpower

Output: Speakers + line-out (mini-jack) for external speakers

Format: WMA (Windows Media Audio) + MP3

Internet: Ethernet / WiFi - min. 512 kps

Software: Open source - see

TouchDiva streams music from 20,000 servers around the world at a bit-rate determined by the recording companies. The majority of tracks are streamed at 192 kbit/s, and EMI offers music at 346 kbit/s. Tracks are streamed in WMA and MP3 formats, and TouchDiva delivers the best available sound quality.

More information about TouchDiva and TouchDiva Europe A/S can be found at

PR Contact at Bang & Olufsen ICEpower:
Liliya Altshuler


On the photo (left to right): Founders of TouchDiva Europe A/S: Thomas Chr. Melskens and Bo Løje Haaber