Samsung BEAT Edition – audio performance by ICEpower®
September 18, 2009

Starting from late 2008, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has been launching several new models of its new BEAT Edition music mobile phones, aimed at setting Samsung apart as the leading manufacturer of music mobile phones. The BEAT Edition offers an enhanced music experience to music-loving mobile phone users with dynamic and passionate lifestyles. This ambitious effort of Samsung has, in large part, been enabled by Samsung’s collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower on developing the 2nd generation digital switching amplifiers for the BEAT Edition based on ICEpower’s proprietary technologies. The mobile phones are also equipped with built-in stereo speakers that deliver high quality audio with a rich bass and a clear treble.

Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and Samsung Electronics have been collaborating on developing switch-mode audio amplifiers since 2002. The BEAT Edition mobile phones contain ICEpower’s fully digital switching technologies both in the headphones and the speakers, delivering a rich, deep and powerful audio performance. The amplifiers feature a powerful ICEpower DSP with several unique technologies: SmartBass – a function that effectively extends the low frequency range of the small speakers in the mobile phone allowing for more bass than would have been possible otherwise. 3D sound processing enables reproduction of a wide stereo image, even with the small, closely located speakers in a mobile phone. SmartEQ - a fully parametrical 5-band equalizer enabling compensation of the non-ideal behaviours of the phone’s small speakers, thus making the sound more clear and natural. SmartLimiter, which allows higher sound to be reproduced by the phone’s compact speakers. This is a highly useful feature when listening to music or using the speaker phone in a noisy environment.

Besides delivering exceptional sound, ICEpower’s highly efficient switching technologies enable a longer battery life. This continues ICEpower’s long-standing commitment to increasing efficiency of audio reproduction and thus contributing to sustainable technological development.

The collaboration between Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and Samsung Electronics began in 2002 from a common vision: ICEpower aimed to perfect sound quality in every device producing audible sound, as well as increasing the efficiency of audio reproduction; while Samsung Electronics had a vision of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of music mobile phones - a growing segment in today’s international mobile phone market. The collaboration between the two companies has been highly fruitful and delivered one of the first switching mobile phone amplifiers in 2005, which today still is one of the leading performers on the market. The 1st generation amplifier contained analogue switching technologies. It was soon followed by the 2nd generation of ICEpower amplifier for mobile phones featuring fully digital technologies, following the trend in international portable device industries.

About Samsung BEAT Edition

Samsung’s BEAT Edition mobile phones combine outstanding sound, touch-screen technology and stylish design. The new BEAT Edition handsets are designed to satisfy all music lovers, offering the latest mobile audio technology wrapped in beautiful designs inspired by jukebox imagery. With Samsung’s intuitive DISC User Interface, both phones come fully loaded with advanced music applications for finding, purchasing and recommending music. The Digital Natural Sound engine in the BEAT Edition, also known as DNSe™, which is inherited from Samsung’s own audio technology, provides natural sound effects, perfectly overcoming the limitations of sound from earphones and small speakers in portable devices. It reproduces a genuine 3D sound and deep bass resonance.

Samsung BEATs is a slider-type music phone with a sleek MP3 player-alike design. The model offers a variety of music features: Auto EQ’ function automatically turns the equalizer into the best setting according to the genre and type of music the user listens to. Shazam’s ‘Find Music’ service offers the possibility to identify and find songs: by recording and sending a tune to Shazam server, users can easily track down and even purchase the song, through participating operators’ music stores. The phone’s ‘Motion Play’ feature enables users to control their music with a few simple motions. For instance, users can play or pause music simply by tapping their phone; mute it by flipping it; and play the next or the previous song by shaking it.

Samsung BEAT DJ The Samsung BEATDJ offers the BEAT DJ application & DISC user interface and allows users to become DJs. They can add their own voice and sound effects to their favourite songs. With the phones’ full-touch technology and BEAT DJ application, users can ‘scratch’ the records on the clear 2.8” AMOLED display to create their personal music. The phones features a 50MB on-board memory, further expandable to 16GB with the micro SD card slot, which allows saving results of the user’s music experimentation.

More information about ICEpower MobileSound technologies can be found here.

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Bang & Olufsen ICEpower a/s is a fast growing independent subsidiary of the Danish Bang & Olufsen Group. ICEpower develops energy-efficient, high-performance audio power conversion solutions for the consumer, professional, portable and automotive audio applications. ICEpower® products are founded on a range of patented, proprietary technologies that deliver industry best audio performance and efficiency. It is an innovation-founded company, which has been striving to revolutionize generic audio reproduction since 1999. ICEpower has offices in Denmark, the US and Japan, and works closely with its customers – OEMs in the above mentioned markets to enhance the sound-producing solutions in the customers’ products. Among ICEpower’s customers are Samsung Electronics, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Pioneer Electronics, Alpine, and numerous others. More information can be found at


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