ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower together establish a new standard in portable PC audio
March 03, 2010

At the CeBIT 2010, HANNOVER, GERMANY (March 2, 2010), ASUSTeK Computer Inc. has unveiled its latest N series of notebooks with the audio system designed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower – taking the audio quality in portable PCs to a new level.

Following the growing use and perception of computers as home entertainment centres where people watch movies, listen to music and play games, ASUS has set out to build a new breed of notebooks – designed to match a modern home interior and fit with excellent sound and video quality, as well as cutting-edge processing speed.

To achieve this, ASUS has partnered up with David Lewis, the famed designer responsible for most of Bang & Olufsen’s designs since the 1980s – to create an innovative, high-fashion notebook design, which would fit nicely into a modern home interior. To make the most of today’s acoustic and amplification technologies – the area that has not been sufficiently addressed in PCs, ASUS has partnered up with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, an independent subsidiary of Bang & Olufsen. Together, ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower have developed an exclusive SonicMaster technology, a new audio standard for notebooks that guarantees acoustic enjoyment.

With more than ten years’ experience in developing audio solutions for various applications, ranging from mobile phones to Hi Fi products and professional audio equipment, ICEpower has extensive knowledge and experience in acoustic design, power electronics and audio signal processing. In the new ASUS NX Series and N Series models, Bang & Olufsen ICEpower was given the freedom to design an optimal audio system completely from scratch. Achieving optimal audio performance requires optimization of the entire system, which consists of power management, amplification, signal processing and acoustics. With every single part of the audio system, from transducers to the amplifier, to the signal processing, ICEpower has carefully selected the very best solutions. As an example, ICEpower has worked with different transducer manufacturers to custom-design the speakers for the ASUS notebooks in order to achieve optimal performance. Furthermore, the digital signal processing (DSP) has been tailor-made by ICEpower for the new laptop series.

The SonicMaster technology debuts on new ASUS N Series models, providing striking audio for people interested in affordable, undaunted quality. Top-line NX Series notebooks feature upgraded SonicMaster capabilities, replacing existing home entertainment hubs.

External acoustic design to perfect the performance

The new ASUS notebooks have attracted a lot of media attention at both the International CES show in Las Vegas in January, and at the CeBIT a couple of days ago in Hannover. The reason is that audio reproduction in these notebooks is miles ahead of anything else currently on the market. Behind the revolution are efforts by the ASUS Golden Ear team, which has assembled a harmony of hardware and software crafting SonicMaster. The old failings of notebook tunes have been addressed: oversized resonance chambers and specially-placed speakers eliminate vibration and distortion, while the software engine boosts finesse, ensuring consumers hear amazing vocals and surround elements as though in a live environment.

Hands-on personal expression

Serious music buffs stand to appreciate further innovation espoused by new NX models, as hands-on involvement gains added depth. Dual touchpads and the Rotation Desktop interface combine to allow two handed DJ-like precision controls, affording not only super sounds, but also a unique personal touch. The Rotation Desktop makes managing and enjoying media files easy, interactive and fast, and its ergonomic design goes easy on hands.

Fast things ahead

Quality audio means large files, and as every PC user knows, waiting an eternity to share favourite music can really take one away from that special atmosphere. Once more ASUS comes in to make things right, endowing the N and NX Series with new USB 3.0—ten times the speed of incumbent USB 2.0.

Powerhouse Intel Core™ processors such as i3, i5 and i7 drive the N and NX Series, providing a performance leeway that has been missing in other designs. This results in the stage being set for pure audio enjoyment, not technical frustration.

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