ICEpower® for acoustic guitarists: ICEpower® solution powering VOX AGA150 amplifier
July 06, 2010

ICEpower’s continues to supply professional music industry with high-power and high-audio-quality core for their amplifiers and subwoofers. ICEpower’s latest collaboration is with VOX, the well-known British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers and other guitar-related products. The ICEpower 50ASX2 integrated amplification solution has been used by VOX to power up the new VOX AGA150 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, a part of the flagship VOX acoustic amplifier line.

VOX describes the AGA150 as delivering ‘super clean and powerful sound’, which in a large degree has been facilitated by the ICEpower® solution. ICEpower® ASX2 Series of amplification solutions is based on the 3rd generation of ICEpower® technologies, the technological advancements in which include extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion, achieved through the novel and proprietary HCOM amplifier topology. The speaker drive unit in the ASX2 solutions is tightly controlled; and the high current output stages with exceptionally low output impedance enhance the overall frequency response in all load situations.

This is the first time VOX has used an ICEpower® solution in their product, and the result came out to the satisfaction of both parties. The VOX AGA150 delivers an impressive 150 Watts of power and features an all new tweeter to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding musicians. The ICEpower50ASX2 solution, which consists of a switch-mode amplifier and a switch-mode power supply, is characterized by compact size (8 cm/3.1” x 11 cm/4.3”) and low weight, enabled by the high power density of over 20 Watts / inch3 and the power efficiency of over 90% in both the amplifier and the power supply sections, as well as by unique geometries of the solution. As a result, the VOX AGA150 amplifier is only 37.3 cm/14.7” x 26.2 cm/10.3” x 33.1 cm/13” in size and weighs only 12.2 kg.

The ‘Plug & Play’ qualities of the ICEpower50ASX2 solution has been duly noted by VOX. The convenient implementation has been enabled, among other features, by optimal EMC measurements of the ICEpower® solution. ICEpower® ASX2 Series complies with all relevant EMC and Safety standards, and is fully RoHS compliant. Modules in the ASX2 Series require no extra heat sinking or shielding due to the excellent efficiency and the carefully engineered EMC architecture.

Designed for the acoustic performer, the VOX AGA150 is engineered to clearly project the subtle resonances and sweet, mellow tones of an acoustic instrument. The VOX AGA150 amplifier features two channels: Normal and Tube Pre, and each channel is equipped with a standard guitar input, as well as a microphone input with selectable phantom power. An electro-acoustic guitar or microphone can be connected to each channel, making well-suited for a singer-instrumentalist. An additional Lo-Z / Hi-Z switch on each input accommodates a variety of signal levels. The Tube Pre channel preamp features a 12AU7 (ECC82) dual-triode vacuum tube, imparting the guitar or vocal sound with the roundness and warmth so distinctive of the vacuum tube sound. Further characteristics of the VOX AGA150 are found here.

The VOX AGA150 amplifier will be sold in Japan starting in July 2010, followed shortly by other Asian, and European and American markets.

For more information on ICEpower® ASX2 Series of integrated amplification solutions, please visit the Series page.


About VOX:

VOX Amplification is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of musical products, including electric guitars, guitar amplifiers, and sound processors, and can be heard in the music of today's hottest music artists. VOX began in England during the late 1950s achieving worldwide popularity with guitar amplifiers that powered the "British Invasion" sound of the 1960s. Always innovative, VOX also created the Wah-Wah pedal, an effect pedal for the electric guitarist; this product spawned an entire industry of "effect pedals" used by millions of guitarists. One of the biggest companies in the music world today, VOX products are used and enjoyed by students, hobbyists, and professional musicians alike.

About Bang & Olufsen ICEpower:

Bang & Olufsen ICEpower a/s is a fast growing independent subsidiary of the Danish Bang & Olufsen Group. ICEpower develops energy-efficient, high-performance audio power conversion solutions for the consumer, professional, portable and automotive audio applications. ICEpower® products are founded on a range of patented, proprietary technologies that deliver industry best audio performance and efficiency. It is an innovation-founded company, which has been striving to revolutionize generic audio reproduction since 1999. ICEpower has offices in Denmark, the US and Japan, and works closely with its customers – OEMs in the above mentioned markets to enhance the sound-producing solutions in the customers’ products.