In every activity you do on a smart phone, computer or tablet, audio is essential: In movies, music, games, video editing and more. Outstanding audio fulfills the experience. Slim size and small form factor can make it challenging to create high performance audio as high quality audio reproduction normally needs physical space to generate dynamic, life-like and vibrant sound. But that is not the case when it says “Audio by ICEpower” on your multimedia product.

With ICEpower’s extensive audio expertise and technical know-how, we can optimize the sound in all types of mobile or multimedia applications and thereby achieve the best possible audio experience from the product. Our highly skilled audio engineers support the manufacturer’s development process and can generate excellent audio even from ultra-slim products. Along with the improved sound performance, the product is easy to recognize from others as the product is co-branded with our world-known logo.

ICEpower is owned and founded by Bang & Olufsen that manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. Besides being used in portable and multimedia products, the ICEpower technology is applied in several Bang & Olufsen flagship products which underlines the sublime quality of our products.

ASUS and ICEpower have combined our fields of expertise, within consumer electronics and audio to create ultra-modern, high-performing consumer electronics products with outstanding audio. During ASUS' development process of selected products, ICEpower's audio engineers support the audio development and optimize the sound output to reach the best possible audio performance. The ICEpower audio technology and the expertise of ICEpower's engineers complete ASUS' products to offer the consumer a premium product with every state-of-the-art feature to expect from highly modern electronics products today. The ICEpower-optimized ASUS products are co-branded with "Audio by ICEpower | Bang & Olufsen Technology" on the product.