The ICEpower ASC Series consists of intelligent audio power conversion solutions designed particularly for highly competitive consumer and professional audio applications. The key distin-guishing qualities of these modules are excellent audio performance, a wide array of features, flexibility and application convenience.

The 200/300/700ASC combine a high performance class D amplifier with a universal mains switch mode power supply with standby functionality, auxillary power supplies, wake on signal sense, 5V and 12V triggers (300ASC and 700ASC), status LED indicators and a DC-bus output for powering additional ICEpower 200/300AC amplifiers. Basically everything needed for a subwoofer, an active loudspeaker or a high-end amplifier.

The 200/300AC modules are essentially the amplifier part of the 200/300ASC. They are designed to be a “hanger” module, that can be powered from the DC-bus output of the 200/300/700ASC, 250ASP* or 500ASP*. This means that a combination of these modules can be used to create anything from a subwoofer to a stereo amplifier or a 2- or 3-way active loudspeaker. This is what we call design flexibility.

The 200SC module is the power supply section of the 200ASC, without the amplifier. Using the 200SC in combination with 200AC modules allows for more design flexibility in compact, space constrained products.

All the ASC amplifier modules are based on patented ICEpower HCOM and COM modulation and MECC control techniques. This enables excellent audio performance and high efficiency in an ultra-compact and lightweight package.

The rich feature set and superb audio performance of the ASC Series make the modules a perfect match for subwoofers, active loudspeakers and high-end consumer and professional audio applications. The typical applications include:

  • Subwoofers
  • High-end stereo and multi-channel amplifiers
  • Active 2- and 3- way speakers
  • Musical instrument amplifiers
  • PA speakers and line arrays
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