The ICEpower ASP Series consists of three modules delivering 250W, 500W and 1000W of high-quality audio output power directly from selectable 115V / 230V mains. The built-in power supply also powers ICEpower A Series amplifiers and/or external signal conditioning circuitry, creating a compact, versatile power solution in an ultra compact and lightweight package.

Key performance parameters
Power output250W @ 0.01% THD+N  (1kHz, 2.7Ω)500W @ 0.05% THD+N (1kHz, 4Ω)1000W @ 0.01% THD+N (1kHz, 4Ω)
Peak output current > 25A> 45A> 50A
Total efficiency83% (100W, 8Ω)83% (250W, 8Ω)83% (500W, 8Ω)
Dynamic range112dBA115dBA119dBA
THD+N0.0055% @ 1W / 1kHz0.008% @ 100 mW / 1kHz0.007% @ 1W / 1kHz
Idle noise80µV80µV80µV
Output impedance< 5mΩ @ 1kHz < 5mΩ @ 1kHz< 5mΩ @ 1kHz

The solutions in the ASP Series offer excellent sound quality to suit discerning high-end audio applications, as well as the ruggedness to endure life on the road in professional audio equipment. The high performance, compact size and excellent reliability of the ASP solutions make them of great value in:
  • Active speakers for professional touring, studio and installation use;
  • Stereo or multi-channel amplifiers: high-end and high-power systems;
  • Active subwoofers with high power requirements for professional and consumer use.

Key features
 ICEpower250ASP  ICEpower500ASP  ICEpower1000ASP  
Balanced input and output
Soft start-up and mute/de-mute
Under-voltage protection
Stand-by mode
Comprehensive protection scheme (thermal, over-current, high-frequency)
DC-Bus output for driving additional amplifier channels (ICEpower A Series) and auxiliary circuits, i.e. preamplifiers, crossover networks, etc.
Compact and rigid mechanical package that tolerates up to 70G shocks in all directions

The ASP Series modules represent a turn-key approach to product development for assuring the shortest time-to-market for your end products. The ICEpower modules are:
  • Pre-approved for Safety,
  • Pre-approved for EMC,
  • RoHS compliant.

Please download product sheets and data sheets on the top of this page for further technical details.

You are also welcome to order evaluation kits of the modules.