The ICEpower ASX Series consists of four incredibly compact and lightweight class D audio amplifiers with integrated power supplies designed specifically as highly competitive modules in terms of low cost and carefully chosen features.

50ASX2 comes in two versions: one optimized for dual-channel single-ended output (SE) de-livering 2 x 50W at 4 ohm output power, and the other one optimized for bridged (BTL) higher power single-channel operations delivering 220W at 4 ohm. The 125ASX2 and 250ASX2 modules can be configured at your production line for SE or BTL operations, thus improving the your logistics. The 125ASX2 delivers 2 x 125W at 4 ohm (SE) or 1 x 550W at 4 ohm (BTL). The 250ASX2 delivers 2 x 250W at 4 ohm (SE) or 1 x 630W at 8 ohm (BTL). The newest addition, 700ASX, is a bridged single-channel amplifier delivering 700W at 4 ohm.

Flexibility is paramount to the ASX Series. The four modules can be combined as application building blocks to generate a wide variety of 1-8 channel audio applications in consumer or pro-fessional audio products, see illustrations page 5-6. Due to their extremely compact size, the ASX solutions are suitable for innovative product architectures, bringing a new, exceptionally powerful experience to audio reproduction.

The ASX Series is fully compatible with our extension module, ICExtend. This means that by integrating ICExtend in your application, you can easliy add ErP(1275/2008) compliant stand-by functionality, universal mains, +5V auxilliary power supply and even more features to your application.

Quality and reliability are crucial factors for end-users and therefore the modules have an extraordinary solid build quality and are fully protected ensuring a long lifetime and minimizing quality costs.

The ASX Series is based on our HCOM class D topology, which takes the ICEpower® audio performance to the next level. The advancements include extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion, achieved through our unique, proprietary HCOM topology.

With their unique features, the ICEpower ASX solutions serve as a flexible product development platform for audio manufacturers with versatile end-user products.