The ICEpower A Series consists of three high-performance general-purpose amplifiers with power output of 250W, 500W and 1000W. They deliver excellent audio performance, whether used in consumer, professional, automotive or marine audio applications.

The excellent efficiency and audio performance are delivered in an ultra-compact and lightweight package due to our patented COM1 modulation and MECC2 control techniques.

Key performance parameters
Power output250W @ 0.01% (1kHz, 2.7Ω)500W @ 0.02% (1kHz, 4Ω)1000W @ 0.04% (100Hz, 4Ω)
Peak output current > 25A> 45A> 50A
Dynamic range 112dBA117dBA120dBA
THD0.0009% (100mW, 5kHz)0.0009% (100mW, 5kHz)0.0008% (1W, 100Hz)
THD+N< 0.02% (0.1W - 250W, 2.7Ω)< 0.1% (0.1W - 500W, 4Ω)< 0.1% (0.1W - 500W, 4Ω)
Output impedance< 5mΩ @ 1kHz< 5mΩ @ 1kHz< 5mΩ @ 1kHz
PSRR> 60dB> 60dB> 60dB

The excellent sound quality and compact size of the A Series modules makes them usable in nearly every application where high performance in a small package is needed. Application examples include:
  • Active speakers and subwoofers for home use,
  • Professional audio for touring, studio and installation use,
  • A/V amplifiers and receivers,
  • Powerful automotive and marine audio systems.

The modules in the A Series have been developed as versatile building blocks for designing innovative audio power conversion solutions. They can be used on their own with a suitable linear or switching power supply, or they may be powered by the built-in supply of the ICEpower ASP modules to create compact and powerful multi-way or multi-channel solutions.

Key features
 ICEpower250A  ICEpower500A  ICEpower1000A  
Balanced input and output
Soft start-up and mute/de-mute
Under-voltage protection
Standby mode

The A Series modules represent a turn-key approach to product development to assure the shortest time-to-market for your end products. The ICEpower modules are:
  • Pre-approved for safety,
  • Pre-approved for EMC,
  • RoHS compliant.

Please download product sheets and data sheets on the top of this page for further technical details.

You are also welcome to order evaluation kits of the modules.

1.COM - Controlled Oscillation Modulator
2.MECC - Multi-Variable Enhanced Cascade Control; both patented technologies of ICEpower a/s